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Paperwhite Ziva

Item #51514-4
(Packed 4 bulbs per bag)
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This paperwhite is good to force, blooming 3-4 weeks after planting. It has large white flowers with a light-heavy fragrance,

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Bloom Time:Mid to Early Winter
Hardiness Zone :8 - 10
Height:16″ - 20″
Size:16-17 cm
Light Requirements:

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  1. Select a container without drainage holes that is at least 4″ deep and spread about 2″ of decorative rocks, glass marbles, or gravel in the container.
  2. Place the bulbs into the planting medium with the pointy end is facing up and showing and fill in the area around the bulbs so that they are anchored well. Add water and keep the medium evenly moist
  3. Place the container in a sunny window and water daily, as these plants need plenty of water to grow. Flowers will appear in 4-6 weeks.

Paperwhites are tender Narcissus that are hardy only in Zones 8-10. As such, they are best grown indoors and treated like annuals.

If the room in which Paperwhites are growing gets too warm, the plants tend to get “leggy.” To prevent this, a temperature of 68-70⁰ is best. When the flowers appear, moving the container to a place that receives indirect sun or diffused light will help the flowers last longer.

Paperwhites look best in clear containers and when clustered together. They are also excellent to interest children in gardening because of their ease of planting, rapid growth and fragrant flowers.

Grows in Zones 8 - 10

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Blooms Mid to Early Winter