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Peony Myrtle Gentry

Latin Name: Paeonia

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Peonies are the most durable and longest-lived plants producing a gorgeous display every June. After blooming they leave a mound of glossy deep green foliage that make an excellent backdrop for blooms in front of them. Peonies make an excellent cut flower lasting more than a week if cut in full bloom. Peony Myrtle Gentry has large 5-7 in. double pink flower emits a wonderful spicy aroma on this double peony providing a lifetime of beautiful cut flowers

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Bloom Time:Early Summer
Hardiness Zone :3 - 8
Height:24″ - 36″
Size:2-3 eyes
Light Requirements:

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  1. Find a sunny spot in the garden where the soil is rich and drains well. Soil can be amended with peat moss or organic matter if necessary. Loosen the soil to about 6″.
  2. Plant the fleshy roots with the growing points or “eyes” facing upward and the root clumps fanned out, placing the plants 2-3′ apart.
  3. Cover the eyes with about 2″ of soil, tamp down firmly to remove air pockets around the roots, and water gently but thoroughly.

Peonies are exceptionally long-lived garden beauties. As the plants mature over a 4-5 year period, 6-10″ blooms of red, pink, white, coral, and sometimes yellow burst forth amidst lush foliage.

Peonies begin to establish a very deep root system the first year they are planted may not produce buds or flowers initially. Once the roots are firmly entrenched, the plants will double in size during the subsequent 4-5 years and produce an abundance of flowers fragrantly scented with spicy or rose-like aromas. The heavy flowers require staking that is best provided with hoop-type supports.

Peonies are hardy in Zones 3-9. Clipping the flowers to bring indoors for use in arrangements or bouquets does not harm the plants, and it is best to cut flowers early in the morning. It is not unusual to find ants on the buds and blooms. This is natural and does not harm the plants. You may try shaking the flowers or submerging the cuttings in a bucket of water for a few minutes to remove the ants.

Peonies require about 1″ of water weekly during the growing season. This is best provided with a deep watering rather than with several light sprinklings several times a week. After the plant has finished blooming for the season, remove stems. The foliage will remain lush and green throughout the summer. In the fall, after the leaves have yellowed and wilted, cut the plants back to ground level. New growth will develop in the spring.

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