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Parrot Tulip Blumex

Item #20021-20
(Packed 20 bulbs per bag)
1 bag

Parrot Tulips have a unique shape and stripe making them a discussion point in any garden. This tulip has Red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and green on every ruffled petal.

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Bloom Time:Mid to Late Spring
Height:3″ - 8″
Color:Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green
Light Requirements:

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  1. Select a sunny spot in the garden with well-drained soil. Loosen the soil with a garden trowel and make holes 6-7″ deep and about 5″ apart
  2. Place the Tulips with the pointed ends facing up into the holes
  3. Cover bulbs with a layer of soil, press down firmly, and water thoroughly.

Tulips are hardy in Zones 3-8 and should be planted in late fall in an area that receives full sun to very light shade. Soil can be amended with sand or peat moss to provide good drainage.,Remove the flower head but leave foliage in place after blooming and provide about 1″ of water per week during the growing season. Remove foliage when the leaves turn yellow and die back. Not doing so may hinder flowering the next year.

In Zones 8-12, refrigerate Tulip bulbs at 40-45⁰ until November 1, then plant bulbs 6-8″ deep in a lightly shaded area after November 1. Discard bulbs after they bloom.

Note: Tulips planted in Zones 3 through the cooler parts of Zone 8 may return from year to year after a period of winter cooling.

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